Data Management Services for the Department of the Treasury - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), an independent bureau of the Department of the Treasury, is the federal financial regulatory body that oversees the nation's federally chartered banks. This bureau operates in a dynamic, fast paced environment. They receive disparate data from banks throughout the country, translate that data into a common format, and process the data to provide summary management information to the OCC leadership.

OCC, faced with a constant requirement to provide staff members with a myriad of details concerning the data OCC collects, turned to Orizon with a requirement to design, construct, and implement a corporate Data Repository containing the details of their Data Management architecture.

To meet this requirement, Orizon engineers built an agency-wide data repository. We also established the mechanism to dynamically update the contents of the repository as the details of the data management environment change. The Data Repository serves as the authoritative source of information about the data OCC gathers and uses to accomplish its mission. Orizon staff members also built and implemented a centralized Web-based application to enhance the storage and retrieval of OCC metadata. It brings together the automated and non-automated metadata into a centralized database and provide query capabilities to support the information needs of OCC users.

This application, which uses Microsoft .NET Framework and SQL Server technology, was the first Section 508 compliant web application within the OCC. As a result of our efforts, OCC staff members have direct access to the data management details that are required to perform the OCC mission. The repository provides a central location for information on OCC data and allows staff members to more easily comprehend the intricate relationships among the myriad of data.

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