Technology Support Services for the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Orizon was involved in the engineering and installation of a new technology infrastructure for the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Trilogy project. Orizon served as part of the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (formerly DynCorp) team responsible for upgrading approximately 27,000 desktops and 350 servers at 650 locations worldwide.

As part of our current support, we continue to provide Tier 3 deployment and network operations support. This includes monitoring critical business systems, and maintaining critical T1, OC3, Frame-Relay, and ATM communication links. We perform local and remote management of network devices including Cisco routers and switches. We manage local area networks/wide area networks and virtual local area networks, and maintain network security.

As a result of the efforts of the Orizon team, we implemented various support technologies and new automated processes that saved the FBI time and money. In addition, due to Orizon's expertise, we led many communications and security infrastructure upgrade projects in an efficient and expeditious manner that benefitted the FBI with improved network connectivity, security, and stability.

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