Business Service Provider for the Department of Housing and Urban Development

The primary business functions of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) National Servicing Center (NSC) of the Office of Single Family Asset Management are Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loan servicing and risk monitoring, Secretary-Held portfolio loan servicing, client management and customer satisfaction. To facilitate this mission, the NSC acquired the services of Orizon as a Business Service Provider (BSP) to support the business operational needs of the NSC by supplying a means to extract, mine, and stratify data from various HUD data repositories and other appropriate sources needed for micro level analysis of the FHA insured portfolio.

To this end, Orizon provided analytical services, a suite of SAS business intelligence (BI) tools, and an infrastructure with sufficient storage capacity to perform Risk Measurement, Analysis and Reporting (RMAR) not previously feasible. Orizon was responsible for:

  • Maintaining and configuring the necessary infrastructure to support the use of SAS tools.
  • Customizing the SAS BI and Analytics toolset to meet the specific needs of the NSC.
  • Providing a secure website to provide HUD executives and senior managers, HUD "power users" and other HUD staff access to the BI tools.
  • Extracting and transforming data for numerous HUD, other Federal Government, and private industry sources to support NSC operations.
  • Recommending and implementing enhanced Loss Mitigation performance measurements, an upgraded Lender Performance Indicator, and other risk management enhancements.
  • Providing training on the use of the customized SAS BI tools.

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