Systems Engineering and Technical Support to the Office of Naval Research

The Office of Naval Research (ONR), University Business Affairs performs post-award administration services on contacts and grants with universities and selected non-profit organizations. These services include such functions as payment administration, closeout, purchasing system reviews, negotiation of indirect cost rate agreements, quality assurance, and other efforts needed to facilitate performance under awards to those institutions.

Orizon provided systems engineering and technical assistance support services for ONR's post award contract and grant management systems - CAMIS (Contract/Grant Management Information System), PayWeb/EDI-EFT - ONR's electronic bill paying system, AdminWeb - Expiring awards tracking system and electronic submission of final technical reports, DoD's Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system, electronic document storage and workflow system to include the self-executing procedures for post award administration and program support.

This support included the analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of enhancements/upgrades to all systems used in the post-award business processes. Enhancements managed by Orizon improved system capabilities; automated additional business processes; increased standardization; and increased training opportunities in support of changing regulatory or policy requirements. Orizon was also responsible for ensuring Section 508 compliance and providing customer and Help Desk support.

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