Application Modernization/Cloud Solutions

Using Proven Methods that Balance Cost, Schedule, and Performance

Orizon technical and management staff offer significant expertise in application system solutions, including designing, developing, migrating and implementing cloud-based, mobile, and hosted applications using a wide variety of the latest technologies, software, and platforms. Our experience has proven that successful development requires the use of processes that, when followed, will lead to consistent results.

  • Cloud Strategy and Adoption - Whether our clients are exploring moving business solutions to the cloud or seek help implementing a cloud enabled IT strategy, Orizon helps them make informed decisions. We assist them with developing comprehensive implementation strategies that leverage secure and scalable cloud solutions.

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  • Custom Development - Orizon’s experienced development team use a mix of Agile-based principles and Scrum practices to provide a flexible delivery model that scales to meet the needs of our clients' projects. By using platform-as-a-service cloud-based solutions like and the Google App Engine, Orizon is able to rapidly translate technological innovation into value.

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  • Mobile Solutions - Our mobility team creates easy-to-use mobile applications for your organization's workforce and customers. With a rich experience in the Apple,, and Google ecosystems, and whether your users are on iPads, iPhones, or Android devices, our team can design and develop mobile applications for the platforms that today's mobile devices run on.

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